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Journal of Rachana Interior is an open access journal that presents peer-reviewed articles in the fields of interior design and other relevant fields, which the idea emphasizes its relationship with culture. Culture in question is manifestation of human intellectual achievements collectively or of a particular social group. The journal not only discuss about culture in the past which is close to traditional culture, but also in recent or future years. This journal investigates the complexities of the interior environment’s composition, its impact on the inhabitant, and internal aspects that contribute to create it.

Frequency of publication of the journal is twice a year which in April and October. Contributions for journal from interior design practitioners and theorist are welcome. The journal is sets out to challenge divisions between theory and practice to provide an essential scientific forum for all those with an interest in design, history, and meaning of interiors, which examined through theoretical discussion. Submissions are also invited in in the form of review of books, projects, and exhibition that are in scope of focus of Rachana Interior.

The year of 2024 is journal’s first publication. The term “Rachana” is derived from Sanskrit words which means “composition”. The combination of this ancient word and “interior” in modern is literally interpreted as “composition of interior” which the ancient one emphasizes the journal’s idea focus on culture as the Sanskrit is known as classical culture’s artefact and the modern one is representation of recent and future. Through the creativity of researcher, scholar, experienced practitioners, include the past, recent, and future, the vision is the sustainability in development of interior design.  

Publisher and Funding of Journal of Rachana Interior is Bachelor Program of Interior Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jawa Timur.

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Vol. 1 No. 01 (2024): April
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